14 of the best gifts for book lovers from Etsy in 2022

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Etsy is one of the best places to support local small businesses, especially around the holiday season. There are so many gorgeous hand-crafted gifts on offer, especially for book lovers: bookmarks, candles, posters, stickers, and journals to name just a few ideas.

I included some of my favourite Etsy products in my collection of the best stocking stuffers and small gifts for book lovers, but this list is 100% Etsy.

Browse and find some inspiration for the best bookish gifts that aren’t books this Christmas, including gorgeous products from both UK and US Etsy stores. These make for the perfect small gifts for book lovers, as well as ideal companions to give with a beautiful book gift.

The best gifts (that aren’t books) for book lovers from Etsy

1. Literary Emporium Bookish Mug and Tea Set

How about combining a beautiful book, a box of relaxing tea, and a cute book-themed mug as a thoughtful gift for your favourite book lover? This bookish mug and tea set from UK-based Etsy store Literary Emporium is sure to be a hit with bookworms.

2. Reading list bookmark

I read a lot… and often lose track of what I’ve been reading. To remedy this, these reading list bookmarks are a fun offline way to track what you’re reading and what you think of each book. I think they would be a great gift to accompany a beautiful book.

3. Old books candle

How could I not mention a bookish candle? Etsy has so many fantastic options to choose from, including this gorgeous soy candle from Frostbeard Studio. I received it as a Christmas gift a few years ago and loved it. The smell of aged paper and dusty shelves? Yes please.

4. Book reading tracker print

I love this reading tracker print from the UK-based Etsy shop britishbookart. It’s perfect for bookish and creative people, offering the freedom to illustrate the print with the spines of the books they’ve been reading. You can also get a cute bookmark version of the book tracker print.

5. Reading tracker bookmark

From the same shop, you can also find this lovely reading habit bookmark to celebrate the days you pick up a book in the year ahead.

6. A candle inspired by a favourite book

Okay, just one more bookish candle. I love this idea of a book-themed candle with the cover of a favourite book and tailored scents to match the book.

Booked Candles, a North Carolina-based Etsy store, includes bookish candles inspired by popular books such as Where the Crawdads Sing, It Ends with Us, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

This candle inspired by Circe by Madeline Miller offers a potent, heady blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy notes that’s infused with cedarwood, orange, clove, and patchouli.

7. Book quote pencils to annotate books

How about these book quote pencils from UK Etsy store mapleandgrace to make notes in books or a reading journal?

8. Custom-made book stack poster

I love this idea for a customizable book poster that features the spines of favourite books. The only question to decide: which books will you choose? The elegantly minimalist print below is from a UK-based shop, but here are some US-based alternatives.

9. Bookish stickers by StickySociety

These bookish stickers by StickySociety on Etsy are a cute small gift for the book lovers in your life to adorn their laptop, reading journal, or workspace.

10. A beautiful reading journal

Every bookworm deserves a beautiful book journal to track what they’re reading. One of my favourites is this lovely journal by UK-based Etsy store lucysaysido.

It’s fountain pen friendly, lays completely flat, and includes space for 100 double-page reviews… as well as lists for book club suggestions, books to read next, characters to remember, favourite quotes, and more.

11. A pretty booklover bookmark to mark your page

You can’t go wrong with a bookmark as a gift for book lovers. This gorgeous bookmark with a tassel makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or a small gift to accompany a beautiful book present.

12. A custom poster of a favourite book

How about a poster of your loved one’s favourite book as a personalized gift to treasure? These custom posters by UK seller Whoom let you choose a book and a favourite quote for a fully-customized poster print.

13. Cute magnetic bookmarks

Quirky magnetic bookmarks can be a unique gift for book lovers to enjoy using in their daily reading time. I love these bookmarks from StickySociety on Etsy.

14. Bookish wrapping paper and washi tape

To wrap up your gifts for bookworms, why not continue the theme with a bookish wrapping paper? Texas-based Etsy shop janemount has some gorgeous choices.

I also love this gorgeous book-themed washi tape from Literary Emporium…

After thinking about gifts for others, why not treat yourself? Enjoy curling up with one of the coziest books for winter reading or one of the most heartwarming Christmas books for some time to relax and unwind.


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